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I am planning to open a new business and I would appreciate some “spiritual” guidance to strengthen me in this venture. Any advice is appreciated and I wish to know what prayers should I say to help me with my quest. Thank you very much. answered:

I am not a businessperson but I think the best guidance I could give is to always be honest, give 10 percent of your profits to a worthwhile charity, and to pray that God assist you in your business (and other) efforts and provide you with a successful and pleasant livelihood.

The prayer I would suggest is the one in the standing silent prayer that is recited daily (in Hebrew called the “Shemona Esrei” or the “Amida”) — and have special concentration when saying the blessing for a prosperous livelihood. The blessing is called "Birkat Hashanim" and is found in any Siddur. In the middle of that blessing or at the end of the Amida you can also add any words of your own from your heart to God, asking to provide you with a successful business and life.

You can also say whatever Psalms – Tehillim - that you feel strengthen your connection to the world's Creator and Provider, and of course you may compose any prayer that you wish and say it to God with all your heart.

May all your prayers be answered for the good and I wish you much happiness and success in your new business and in all that you do.

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