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Category: Personal

Praying and Sadness
Blessing After Danger
Blessing for Headache
Doctor's Prayer
Long Distance Relationship
Traveler's Prayer
Desire to Pray
Nag, Kvetch and Change
Praying to have Children
Oh No! The First Day of School…
The Healing Visit
All for the Best
Prayer to find Lost Object
Tazddik's Blessing
Dealing with Death
A Prayer for Safe Travel
Post-Peril Praise
Is Anyone Listening?
“Prayer Force One”
Who’s the Doctor?
Blessing after Danger
Chatan Reciting Sheva Brachot
A Good Time
Accepting My Prayer
HaGomel Prayer
A Prayer for the Kidnapped
Prayer for Lost Object
Birthday Blessings
Open for Business
Suffering Sick Person
Prayer for Health
Special Blessing for the Hosts
Birthdays and Prayer
Prayer for Pet
Sparkling Wine
Should I Say the Hagomel Blessing?
Sub-Categories for 'Prayers and Blessings'
Before and After Food
Priestly Blessing - Birkat Kohanim

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