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Yom Tov Clothing Expenses

Dan Roth asked:
We are told that all one's income is Divinely ordained each year with the exception of the expenses for Shabbat, Yom Tov and educating one's children (Beitzah 16a). For these expenses we are Divinely reimbursed. We are also told that one is obligated to gladden one's wife on Yom Tov by providing her with nice clothes (Pesachim 109a). My question is: Is this expense of buying clothes for one's wife included in the expenses of Yom Tov for which we are assured isn't part of our budget answered:

Buying your wife festive clothing for Yom Tov is certainly a legitimate Yom Tov expense; a person is reimbursed for added expenses he incurs buying Yom Tov clothing just as he is for other Yom Tov expenses. So, if your wife comes back from a holiday shopping spree and says, "Guess how much money I saved you today, dear!" you should realize that she is, in fact, right.

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